Cartoon of the Week

Gianni Falcone (Gianfalco) is the mastermind behind what I consider Italy's best satirical cartoons.  His work has been picked up by int'l magazines & websites the world over, and he has leant his hand to the illustrations in my book, Burnt by the Tuscan Sun (surprise, surprise!) the cover of which you see now gracing my eponymous blog.
You can find Gianni's work satirizing the world of Italian politics (& its repercussions on the proletariat) from his DiarioAcido or on facebook under Gianni Falcone.
Gianni also wields his pen on burning international issues including Darfur, Burma, 9/11 and other hotspots worldwide.  You can see his work at Open Salon .

As gas prices reach nearly $7 / gallon...

Shall I fill it up?